Q: Why are your prices so low? Is there anything wrong with your cars?

A: We are a small business with lower overhead and operating costs, and are thus able to be more competitively priced than larger operations. 

Our goal is to provide the best value x quality for our customers, and our cars are priced to sell.



Q: Are your prices negotiable?

A: Our prices are firm. We make every effort to set our prices as competitively as possible while sustaining our business operations.

Our pricing strategy is driven by supply & demand, as well as qualities unique to each vehicle, such as overall condition, specifications, service records and provenance. 

Please note that Kelley Blue Book and other pricing tools do not always reflect the reality of the enthusiast/collector market. Research will show that we are offering the best quality vehicles for the best price.



Q: What kinds of cars do you sell?

A: We only sell:

    - Clean Title Cars Only

    - CarFax Certified cars

    - Recently serviced cars 

    Most of our cars are:

    - 1 owner cars or low-owner cars

    - West Coast / dry climate cars (no rust!)

    - Low miles

We do not buy or sell cars with salvage, flood, lemon or rebuilt titles, ever.

Most of our cars are hard to find/ enthusiast vehicles/ well optioned/ low mileage cars.

We disclose everything we know about our cars, bring them for service before listing them, and always address potential issues with our mechanics.



Q: Why are you by appointment only?

A: Our goal is to show you the car you are interested in, and some of our cars are stored in a different location. All of our cars are stored on trickle chargers, and have been recently serviced.

We are usually in the office M-F from 11am-5pm, and would love for you to come by to see our shop! Just call ahead of time if you are interested in a particular car to ensure it’s on the premises that day.



Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, we offer financing to qualified customers. Feel free to ask us for more details, we are here to help. You are also welcome to bring your own financing. 



Q: Can my mechanic inspect the car before I buy it?

A: Absolutely. We welcome—and encourage—third party inspections. To schedule an inspection, call us at (702) 969-1910 and we will be happy to make the vehicle accessible for your mechanic.



Q: Can I come in for a test drive?

A: Test drives are available upon approval of financing or proof of funds. Please note that some of our cars are not available for a test drive notwithstanding.



Q: Where do you get your cars?

A: Most cars on the market are purchased through different car auctions. We obtain our inventory from 3 main different sources:

Auto auctions, consignment from local owners and enthusiasts, and local trade-ins



Q: Do you take trade-ins?

A: We pay top dollar for top quality and/or rare cars. Please email us for a quote at: contact@essencemotors.net



Q: What other services do you offer?

A: We offer consignment services, specialized vehicle search and other services you may need in order to sell or purchase a car. Please give us a call at (702) 969-1910 and we can discuss your needs and how we can help.



Q: I am an out-of-state buyer, how does this work?

A: Many of our customers are from out of state, and we are happy to assist you through the entire process. Nevada does not charge sales taxes for out-of-state vehicle purchases. The buyer is responsible for the sales taxes in the state where the vehicle will be registered, as well as emissions, title and any other DMV compliance requirements specific to your state. 

We can assist you with shipping your car nationwide. Please give us a call at (702) 969-1910 and we can discuss options based on your state of residence.



Q: Can you help me with shipping my car?

A: Yes, we can assist you with door-to-door transportation nationwide. We can also assist you with getting your car shipped overseas. To get a transportation quote, call or text us at (702) 969-1910 or email us at contact@essencemotors.net



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